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Run your Own Successful domestic oven cleaning business, high income potential, low overheads and no experience required!

Millions of Households

The UK now has over 20 million households and with large proportions of them not even knowing about oven cleaning. As more customers realise the benefit in the ‘Sparkle’ oven cleaning experience this gives each franchisee a firm base to build an oven cleaning company backed by our knowledge and support in all areas of marketing.

Determination to Succeed

We are looking for hard working individuals with drive and determination to succeed, keen to run your own business, good with people, honest and reliable the rewards for this are exceptional.

Repeat Business

Once a customer has had an oven clean undertaken, they really do realise why a professional oven clean is a service they can’t do without and with our unique reminding system they will continue to be a customer for years to come.

Business to business

As a professional oven cleaning company we often carry out oven clean’s in school class rooms, college class rooms and university accommodation the list is endless.